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Amphibians Edit

Amphibians are water-residing creatures who can breathe through their skin and spend part of their lives on the surface. Frogs Quara

Arthropods Edit

Arthropods are common throughout marine, freshwater, terrestrial, and even aerial environments. Arachnids Insects Crustaceans

Demons Edit

Demons are mystical beings who use force and destruction to terrify mortals. Demons

Elementals Edit

The dangerous elementals are apparently uncontrolled by any other creature. Their motives are hidden, but they are obviously intelligent in their tactics. They have also mastered many strong magic spells.

By their very nature, different types of elementals are almost never found together, but there is no apparent conflict between them. Pyro- Geo- Slime- Hydro-

Humans Edit

These humans have either chosen to or forcefully been removed from civilization. As a result they tend to murder and pillage; be alert when in human inhabited areas outside of the cities. Necromancers Pirates Outlaws Monks

Humanoids Edit

Humanoids are a group of creatures that have characteristics of humans. That may refer to their appearance, their logic solving and other qualities. Orcs Giants

Hybrids Edit

Hybrids are a result of inter-species relations, as such the offspring inherits qualities from each parent species. Minotaurs

Magical Creatures Edit

Magic creatures of Tibia are defined as being being able to manipulate magic at will from birth. Creatures such as Minotaur Mages and Elf Arcanists do not have a rightful place here because they were taught in the arts. Beholders Djinns

Misc Edit

These creatures either have no characteristics of any monsters and cannot be classified by real world names. Or their group is just so broad they cannot be classified. Annelids Plant-Like Creatures

Mammals Edit

Mammals are warm-blooded, vertebrate animals characterized by the production of milk in female mammary glands and the presence of hair, three middle ear bones used in hearing, and a neocortex region in the brain.

Kongra.gif Apes Bat.gif Misc
Panda.gif Bears Rodents Elephants

The Undead Edit

This category concerns all the fiends that walk the earth undead or ethereal. It also includes those who are followers of the undeath god, Urgith, and will try to use their wicked magic to resurrect the dead and use them as their minions; they're commonly known as Necromancers. Ghosts Skeletons Pharaohs Undead Humanoids

Reptiles Edit

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that tend to be scaled and lay eggs. Dragons Misc Lizards Tortoises

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